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Stark! Weibliche Lebenswelten in den Leipziger Musikmuseen

Themenjahr 2024

Weibliche Lebenswelten: diesen Themenschwerpunkt haben sich das Bach-Museum, das Mendelssohn- und das Schumann-Haus, das Stadtgeschichtliche Museum, die Grieg-Begegnungsstätte und das Musikinstrumentenmuseum in... Gehe zur Nachricht.

Salon d'Esprit – Leipzig & Paris

Con spirito - Das Leipziger Kammermusikfestival, 14. bis 22. September 2024

Hier lebt die Musik – in den Salons! Die vierte Saison des Leipziger Kammermusikfestivals „Con spirito“ 2024 ist der lebhaften und inspirierenden Salontradition ge... Gehe zur Nachricht.

"Mensch Wagner"

Sonderausstellung im Richard Wagner Museum Bayreuth vom 14. Juli bis 6. Oktober 2024

Richard Wagner: Komponist, Dichter, Dramatiker, Schriftsteller, Kunstphilosoph, Regisseur, Dirigent, Egomane, Schwerenöter, Antisemit, Linksradikaler, Klimaschützer, Tierfreund, Genie&helli... Gehe zur Nachricht.

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Germany possesses musical traditions and legacies of extraordinary value: Handel, Schuetz and Bach, Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Schumann, Brahms, and Wagner - to mention only a few names - are composers who are known and treasured throughout the world. Their work has played a significant role in shaping a unique musical landscape.

Numerous orchestras, choruses, ensembles, renowned music festivals and series, music houses with museums, public archives and libraries, but also private collections preserve their musical heritage.

It is necessary to revitalize this inestimable fund again and again and to develop it for the present. At the same time, an important role befits the houses combined in the consortium of music museums of Germany. In them we encounter the work of the musicians and composers who have extraordinarily enriched the cultural nation of Germany. However, beyond the individual portrait, beyond the procurement of individual oeuvres, the music museums also contribute overall to the maintenance of musical tradition. The present brochure underscores this aspect of the synoptic presentation and invites the reader on a journey into the musical history of Germany. I hope this tour guide will be actively used and receive a large response.

Bernd Neumann, Member of the Lower House of the German Parliament
Minister of State with the Federal Chancellor
Commissioner of the Federal Government for Culture and Media

Quoted from: Foreword to the brochure "Music Museums in Germany", 2007.